"Kids are going to love this!" - Oyster Jim

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Free summer programs

The Wild Pacific Trail is a unique outdoor classroom that presents incredible opportunities to connect people to nature via interpretive signs and specialist-led programs. Summer programs aim to engage both visitors and local communities.

The main parking area is at the Ucluelet Community Centre at the intersection of Matterson and Marine Drive.

There is a toilet at Big Beach Park but no running water.

Stay off the rocks
Just because you see someone on the rocks do not assume it is safe. Keep your eye on the ocean, waves can sweep in when you do not expect it.

Sections of the trail are near cliffs, keep your children close.

A great place for kids of all ages!

Children's Interpretive Trail at Big Beach Park

PAinter's perchBe sure to check out the newest interactive signs designed for children (and adults) to discover fun and surprising facts about creatures and plants unique to this area. How you can help animals survive and thrive are also featured. Three new interactive signs have been installed for 2015. Kids of all ages will enjoy solving a rotating creature puzzle and exploring a REAL turn of the century shipwreck. There is also a Scavenger Hunt that ends at a geo cache so bring a small gift to trade!real shipwreck at big beach park

Big Beach Park is a sunny beachfront picinic area across the street from the Ucluelet Community Centre. If the tide is low, take a moment to stop and enjoy this easily accessible beach. In summer months you can take a tour of tidepools at the beach with an aquarium guide. Remember if you find a small crab always return it to the spot you find it. Please do not collect shells, they often hide a small animal that will die in your luggage. The beach is also nice at friendly tides for splashing in a shallows, but the ocean is too cold and rough for swimming.

Trail exploration

Trees are perfect seatsYour visit to the Wild Pacific Trail can be a lot of fun for even small children. Kids will delight in sitting on trees hundreds of years old, bent into perfect seats. Views are right on the edge of the ocean so even very small people will get to see the crashing waves and the sparkle of sun setting into the sea.

Be sure to take time as you walk to look into the ferns and berry bushes for the biggests slugs in North America, listen for the calls of eagles and smell the pungent flower of the skunk cabbage.

The closer you look the more you will discover.

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