"It is wild out here!"- Oyster Jim

Interpretive sign in Children's park

Is there anything for children to do?

Yes! There is a Children's Interpretive Trail at Big Beach Park interesting for children and adults. There is also a picnic shelter and beachfront picnic tables.

Interpretive talk

Maps are at the trailhead for your use or you can download this map to carry with you.

The trail is stroller friendly

The trail is built to allow strollers with off-road tires. Some sections of the Artist Loops have steap sections, so a more level stroller route is available.

Frequently asked questions

Small equipment

Is this entire trail wheelchair accessible?
No. The trail is designed as a walking/light-hiking trail. Wheelchairs can access the Amphitrite Lighthouse from the end of Coast Guard Road. There is a short paved section there. Wheelchair users may find other short sections of trail that are accessible; however there may be stairs, steep sections and the trail can be uneven or soft.

Are bikes allowed on the trail?
No, the trail is not designed for bikes. Please leave your bikes at the trailheads in one of the bike racks. This trail has no sightlines around frequent corners thus bikes are very dangerous. If you see a bike please advise the user to walk their bike to the nearest exit.

Are motorized vehicles like motorbikes or all-terrain vehicles allowed on the trail? No, trail was designed for walking and hiking only. The use of motorized vehicles on the trail could be very dangerous to those walking on the trail.

Can children walk the trail?
Yes, children will enjoy the trail, especially at Big Beach Children's Interpretive Trail. Supervision is required, as the trail can be uneven and is often close to coastal cliffs. Please keep your children close and walk, don't run.

Are dogs allowed on the trail?
Yes, well-behaved dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed (this trail is very popular with dog owners so please do not bring aggressive dogs). Please bring bags to pick up your dog's waste and carry it to a garbage bin. If you have no bag, please use a stick to remove waste from the trail, a slug will clean up after you! Unleashed dogs may encounter dangerous wildlife; always maintain control of your pet.

Oyster catcher by George FifieldWill I see wildlife on the trail?
There is always the chance you may encounter wildlife, so please be prepared. Deer, bears, cougars and wolves may use the trail or the areas around the trail. Please leash your pets and keep your children close to you. Never allow your dog or children to chase birds or wildlife.

Humans have never been hurt in wildlife encounters on this trail. Animals will move away if they hear you coming. Talking as you walk is your best protection, bear bells do not work.

Should I carry bear spray?
If you are running the trail in the early morning you are more likely to surprise an animal, consider carrying bear spray as a precaution. If you encounter a bear do not run, speak to the bear in a loud voice and it will likely move away. According to WildSafe BC: if the bear closes to within 5-10 meters deploy your bear spray in a short burst, aiming from the ground up to create a wall between you and the bear. Remember, bear spray is your last defense - your best defense is to avoid an encounter altogether by making lots of noise, being aware of your surroundings and watching for signs of bears in the area.

Can I take my stroller on the trail?
Yes, off-road or trail strollers can access most sections of the trail. Strollers with smaller tires should visit the paved section at the Amphitrite Lighthouse, from the Coast Guard parking lot. Please use caution near cliffs and on steep sections.

Are there garbage receptacles and toilets on the trail?
Most of the parking lots and trailheads do have these facilities. The toilets are portable and no water is available. Please pack out all your garbage from the trail and deposit it in a garbage bin.

Are there picnic areas along the trail?
Yes, there are picnic tables at the entrance to He-Tin-Kis Park and a large beachfront picnic area is available at Big Beach Park. Benches are placed along the trail at frequent viewpoints, but if you pack a picnic be sure to leave no trace of your meal, bears can smell food from a great distance.

Can we get married somewhere along the trail?
Yes, people enjoy small wedding ceremonies at Big Beach, and photo sessions are often held at viewpoints along the trail. Please contact the District of Ucluelet for more information about wedding ceremonies in public space.

Is there RV parking?
We have designated RV parking at the Lighthouse Loop parking lot located off Coast Guard road. If you have a large RV please use the bus parking area at this lot. Smaller RVs can also use the Brown's Beach Parking lot. Browns Beach is not recommended for larger RVs as there is limited space to turn around. There is limited RV parking available at the Ucluelet Community Center (near Big Beach).

Storm watchingWhen is the best time to see storms?
October to March are the most likely months to see large waves. Watch surf forecast websites to predict times when waves will be impressive.

Please stay on the trail to reduce your impact on sensitive plants and small creatures under foot such as mussels and barnacles that live on the rocks. Many people visit the trail, help us keep the setting pristine!

No harvesting of plants or animals is allowed to protect this special ecosystem.